Health Partnership

Integrative Medicine is sometimes referred to as "audience participation medicine" because to benefit fully from Integrative Medicine it is important that you are engaged fully in this healthcare partnership.

It is vital to know your health history, daily habits, exercise patterns, food choices, sleep schedule, and stressors to zero in on the root cause of illness and what changes will lead most effectively to optimal health.

This information is coupled with both standard laboratory and advanced functional medicine testing to provide a better diagnosis and thus better health outcomes. We look to determine the root cause of your condition, therefore acting to treat the underlying cause rather than simply treating symptoms.

There are few quick fixes. Most often it is attention to all of the above areas that produces the best and most rapid results, both in prevention of disease and restoring health.

This is not a traditional provider - patient relationship; rather, it is a partnership to improve health, prevent disease and promote optimal health. Together we will create an individualized plan to address your concerns and embark on a collaborative journey to reclaim your health and vitality.

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