Dr. Link is a highly regarded educator in the area of integrative and functional medicine. He is an avid researcher on the latest health topics. He presents this information in an interesting, enjoyable, and scientifically supported manner.

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Recent Speaking Engagements

Healthy Review, Capital Region Medical Center's Annual Physician CME conference, 2017

  • Literature Review in Integrative Medicine
  • Optimizing Bone Health

Columbia Missouri Wellness Conference CoMo – Wellness, May 2017

  • Reducing Cancer Risk with Lifestyle and Nutrition

Missouri Nursing Association, April 2017

  • Optimal Nutrition and Supplementation

Missouri Osteopathic Association, April 2017

  • Integrative Approaches to Optimize GI Health and the Microbiome

Topics from Previous Lectures

Overview of Integrative Medicine - Its Growth and Practice Nationally

Food as Medicine - An Update on Optimal Nutrition

Gastrointestinal Health - Natural Approaches to Improve GI Health

Autoimmune Disease - New Perspectives on Cause, Treatment and Prevention

The Human Microbiome - The Health Implications of Our GI microflora, from Diabetes to Heart Disease

Dietary Supplements - Scientific Basis for Nutritional Supplements

Natural Approaches to Optimize Heart Health

Detoxification - How, Why, and When to Detoxify

Women's Health - Nutrition, Nutraceuticals, Exercise, and Bio-Identical Hormones

Men's Health - Improving Vitality

Low-Testosterone, An Integrative Approach - Nutrition, Nutraceuticals, Exercise, and Optimal Hormone Replacement

Reducing Cancer Risk with Lifestyle and Nutrition

Natural Approaches to Optimize Bone Health

Recorded Lectures

Cardiovascular Disease

Better understand your cardiovascular risk using advanced lipid testing and state of the art imaging. Explore both natural and pharmaceutical treatments to lower your risk of heart disease.


An overview of the optimal diet and natural supplements.

The Gut

The Gut is central to our health. Learn how to keep it functioning at its best with nutrition, supplements, and probiotics.